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Accounting Services in Latvia

Full cycle accounting services tailored to your needs

Accounting services that you can trust!


Accounting / Bookkeeping

A full range of accounting services in accordance with the law


Company Formation

Establishment of businesses, document submission to the Register of Enterprises


Client Representation

We take responsibility for keeping a contact with State Revenue Service and other institutions in the name of our client

Payroll Management Services

Salary and tax calculation, payroll records, establishing and keeping employee files


Financial Reporting

Annual financial statements, custom financial reports and other particular report preparation and submission

Professional advice

Our expert team is always ready to answer to all accounting and tax related questions and to provide advice for your company’s specific needs

About Us

11 Consulting is a contemporary accounting company with expertise in servicing companies from various industries. We take full responsibility to achieve a high level accuracy, ensure confidentiality, as well as all accounting responsibilities are completed on time.

We are constantly looking for the best solutions for your company’s individual needs to help your company to be successful and safe from any unpleasant surprises. Every client is important to us, regardless of size, turnover or sphere of activity of the business. Our goal is to provide a full support to our clients, therefore tax and legal consultations are part of our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does outsourced accounting work?

Throughout our experience we have developed our services in a way to minimize your time and efforts related to your company’s accountancy. In general this process can be divided in 3 steps:

  1. In the beginning of each month we accept documents which contain information about your company’s operations during the previous month (bank statements, bills, invoices, etc.);
  2.  We perform agreed accounting procedures, as well as compose and submit all the necessary reports for State Revenue Service and other institutions;
  3. You get your company’s financial statements, information about the payable taxes and salaries, review of debtors/creditors.

What are the benefits of outsourced accounting with 11 Consulting?

  • More time to focus on your core business;
  • Our monthly fee is much lower than an in-house accountants salary;
  • You will pay only for the actual work you need to get done (no additional expenses for vacations, sick leaves, trainings etc.);
  • Professional team with experience in various industries;
  • Technical equipment and inventory;
  • We will take care of contacting with the State Revenue Service and other institutions.

What are the costs of accounting services?

Price for our services are adjusted depending on how much work is needed to be done. Couple factors that affect pricing:
  • Amount of invoices incoming/outgoing
  • Amount of expense checks etc.
  • Number of workers
  • Cash register
  • Bank payments

Because of those reasons the fee of accounting services is set for each client individually. If you would like to get the offer for accounting services, please contact us.

What services do you offer?

Processing of documents
Data entry to accounting system
Tax and management reports
Tax calculations
Preparation of bank payments
Salary calculations
Salary reporting EDS (VSAOI and IIN)
Worker reporting EDS
VAT reporting
Micro-enterprise reporting EDS etc.
Consultations regarding accounting and Latvian tax system
Company registration
Registration of VAT identification number
Changes in Latvian Company Register (UR)
  • Pirmdokumentu apstrāde (pavadzīmes, rēķini, čeki, izdrukas..)
  • Ievade grāmatvedības programmā
  • Nodokļu un vadības atskaites
  • Nodokļu un veicamo maksājumu aprēķini
  • Bankas maksājumu sagatavošana
  • Darbinieku algu aprēķins
  • Darba devēja ziņojums (VSAOI un IIN)
  • Ziņas par darba ņēmējiem
  • PVN taksācijas perioda deklarācija
  • Mikrouzņemumu nodokļa deklarācija u.c
  • Konsultācijas par grāmatvedību un nodokļiem
  • Grāmatvedības audits
  • Uzņēmuma reģistrēšana un likvidācija
  • Uzņēmuma reģistrācija PVN maksātāju reģistrā
  • Izmaiņas UR

How do we cooperate?

Once a month you will submit documents for the last closing period (usually previous month). If you prefer to use electronic format to send us documents you are welcome to do so using Dropbox, email or any other options. If you prefer paper format, then we can arrange a meeting or you can send by postal mail. 
We will process data and documentations with our accounting program and we will submit all necessary reports at EDS. Afterwards we will inform you about pending tax payments. After closing a financial year we will prepare Annual Report and after your confirmation will declare at EDS.

Data safety

We highly value data protection and confidentiality. Electronic and paper format documents are stored safely. Paper format documents we return to our clients after the year is closed. 

Company registration and changes

New company registration in Latvia

Document preparation for Latvian Enterprise Register

Company registration as VAT payer

Company bank account opening


Changes in existing company

Change of the shareholders or the board

Change of the equity

Change of the name

Change of legal address


Company closing

Closing document submission

Preparation of closing balance sheet

Communication with Revenue Service regarding all necessary reporting

Regular Limited Liability company (SIA) share capital amount is 2800 EUR. Possible to open company with share capital less than 2800 EUR.

New company registration usually takes 5 days. Possible to open company remotely.

Documents needs to be signed by notary or with electronic signature. If signed by notary outside Latvia, then can send by mail to us and we will organize the document translation.

Legal address service

If necessary, we can provide legal address with mailbox for your company. Price is 30 EUR +VAT/ month. Minimum contract is 1 year.


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